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A website mockup on a mobile and tablet device

What’s cooking good looking? Check out the new website for the best cookies on island.

Born out of lockdown 2020, Ruby and Chris started making the most delicious homemade cookies came to me for a new website built on the Shopify platform.

They had a great existing brand and a small set of devout followers, but needed my help in improving their e-commerce presence and taking the business to the next level.

The brief: Create an easy to use, custom shopping experience designed for Shopify.
What did I do? Web Design, Shopify Integration
A top-down shot of a box of cookies

Ready. Steady. Bake!

To complement its tasty baked goods, Dough needed their visual identity to be developed for digital applications. We wanted to retain that ‘homely’ feel the brand and packaging had, yet make the checkout experience feel polished, custom and easy to use.

The existing brand needed to be simplified for web yet still stay true to the packaging and brand identity already created. I selected a the web-safe font, Cooper BT, and a selection of colour swatches that passed AA accessibility checkers.
A series of device mockups showing the website across tablet and mobile

The goal was to create a simple checkout system for quite a complex ordering process. With multiple SKU’s and a ‘build-a-box’ functionality, it was fun challenge.

Profile of Tom Declat
Tom Declat

Delicious and indulgent? Well maybe just one more then...

The website needed to have some complex custom functionality to really get the checkout experience Ruby was after. We needed to enable ‘build-a-box’ functionality where the customers can choose exactly how many of each cookie they want, and also needed to figure out a way to cap the number of orders for each day as to not overwhelm the team!

The fun, warm and welcoming design attracts our targeted audience but still holds that professional appeal. The natural colour palette and clean photography really help this local company feel more approachable and sets Dough apart from other local bakeries and competitors.

You can view the website here.

A mockup of the checkout page
A stack of freshly baked cookies
A mockup of the dough website on a laptop
A lady eating a cookie whilst writing in a notebook


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