Social Media Kit

With my social media kit, you'll be able to instantly get your brand looking better online. I'll provide custom templates for all the main social media platforms styled to your brand. These templates are available for a variety of design platforms. So get in touch and start looking your best!

1x Template for either Canva, Figma, Sketch & XD
Pixel-perfect sizes for LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram profile images and cover photos
Content safe-zones to show how your images will look across desktop & mobile
2 Rounds of Revisions
An overhead view of a tablet lying flat on a textured surface, displaying a webpage for "Clarity Wines." The screen shows a sophisticated website layout with a navy blue, white, and red color scheme, and sections for product categories. The shadows of plant leaves cast a dappled pattern over the tablet and surface, suggesting a natural, relaxed setting, possibly outdoors or near a window.
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