Website Audit

A website audit is a full review of your existing website with a focus on highlighting any pitfalls that may hinder your user's browsing behaviour. I'll focus on the customer experience across your website, look at responsive design, colours and text hierarchy and finally accessibility and performance.

Clear, easy-to-understand actionable insights to instantly improve your website
1-to-1 video call explaining how to solve any issues found
A full report is provided at the end of the project
A discount of £299 if you decide to move ahead with a website project with me
A modern workspace featuring a MacBook Pro on a desk displaying a business website with the headline "Decide better. Perform better." The site has a dark theme with green accents, and a secondary message states "Smarter, simpler and faster." A smartphone lies on the desk mirroring the website design, indicating a synchronised digital experience. The setting includes a potted plant and a window, providing a comfortable and bright work environment.
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